Mech_Con Faq


When will Mech_Con tickets go on Sale?

Tickets are on sale now! Check out the Ticket Matrix and pick the right ticket for you then head over to Eventbrite to purchase.

Do I have to create an Eventbrite account to buy Mech_Con tickets?

Nope! Eventbrite does not require you to have an account to purchase your Mech_Con ticket. However, creating an account will enable you to use the Eventbrite app for iOS or Android to store your ticket electronically.

How much are Mech_Con tickets?

Mech_Con tickets are priced starting at $60 USD, with additional Eventbrite fee and taxes.

What do I need to have with me before entering Mech_Con?

Entrance to Mech_Con requires the presentation of 2 pieces of valid identification, at least one of which must be a 'primary' form of identification.

  • Primary ID: An official government issued ID (including foreign government issued) with name, picture and birth date; such as a driver’s licence or passport
  • Secondary ID: Any other form of identification that includes name and signature or picture; such as a credit card or student ID
  • We strongly recommend you also bring your Mech_Con ticket with you, either printed or saved to your phone.

What if I lose my ticket, or don't have it with me at the entrance?

If you cannot present your Mech_Con ticket, either in printed form or saved to your phone, you can still gain admittance to Mech_Con if the information listed on your 2 pieces of valid ID matches the name used to purchase your Mech_Con ticket. Our entrance staff will be able to reference your listed name against the list of ticket holders.

The name used for my ticket doesn't match the name listed on my ID. Is that okay?

If that's the case, make sure you present that ticket either physically printed or on your phone for us to scan. This means one person can purchase multiple tickets for others, as long as the person(s) using the ticket can present the ticket at the entrance.

Is there an age limit for attending Mech_Con?

No. This year Mech_Con is all ages but everyone must have a ticket purchased through Eventbrite.

What is the refund policy?

You can get a refund for your Mech_Con ticket before the event date by following the Eventbrite refund policy here:

Can I buy Mech_Con tickets at the entrance?

Yes! If tickets are still available we will be selling them directly at the venue! Please bring your 2 required pieces of ID and a credit card in order to purchase a Mech_Con ticket at the door. However, if tickets sell out (they did last year) we will be unable to sell you a ticket at the door.

If I leave the venue, can I come back in?

Yes. As long as you keep the wristband which we give you at the entrance, you can leave and come back in as often as you'd like! Just make sure the wristband is on you before you leave. You will also need to keep your wristband on for admittance the following day.

Are VIP tickets available for sale?

Yes! This year we have a very limited number of VIP tickets. See the Ticket Matrix on the Mech_Con site to determine if VIP is right for you.

Can I bring my child?

Yes. This year we are allowing children into the event. However, we require a ratio of 1 Adult to 1 Kids.

Children 0 to 6 are free – Please note they are not allowed to play the demo stations without your assistance, i.e., sitting on your lap.

Children 7 to 12 are $20 – Please keep your children supervised at all times.

Children 13 to 18 are full price

Please note if you wish to buy a VIP ticket Children below the age of 19 are not allowed to enter the VIP area.

Can I buy my child a Collectors Ticket?

You can buy a collectors ticket for Children 13 to 18

Can I Buy my Child a VIP ticket?

No, you must be 19 years of age to purchase and use a VIP TIcket


What time does the event start on December 1st?

The doors open at 3:00 PM local Vancouver time. However, you can pre-register at 10 AM to be ready to enter the event at 3:00 PM.

Where is Mech_Con being held?

Mech_Con will be held at the Vancouver Convention Center East Building Hall A. Check the Location Page for full details!

Are there any Hotel deals available during my stay for the event?

Mech_Con attendees have access to special event rates at the Pinnacle Hotel. Check out the Location page for full details!

Will there be parking?

Unfortunately, there won't be any parking spots provided. There is paid parking around the area but please note that Downtown Vancouver is a busy area, and finding parking on the weekends can be difficult and/or expensive.

What's the transportation like in the area?

Public Transit is quite efficient in Downtown Vancouver and very easy to use. You can go to Vancouver's Translink website( to navigate your way through the city, or even simpler, just use Google Maps! The city is full of buses and Skytrain Stations.

What time does Mech_Con end at?

Mech_Con is a 2 day event and is scheduled to end at 10 PM local Vancouver time each night.

How late do bars stay open in Vancouver?

Bars in Vancouver typically close by 2 AM PDT, so if you're looking for somewhere to go after the event, keep in mind it may be hard to find something open after 1AM-2AM PDT.


Will there be a bar serving alcohol at Mech_Con?

Yes. There will be alcoholic beverages available at the venue.

Will there be food?

Yes you can purchase food inside the venue

Can we bring our own food/drink?

Yes, you can pack snacks but outside alcohol is prohibited. However, please note that the bar will serve a wide range of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and food will be available all day at the event, so we don't expect you'll need to bring anything extra!

Will there be Merchandise?

MechWarrior and BattleTech merchandise will be available for purchase from Piranha Games, Harebrained Schemes, and Catalyst Game Labs.

Will the Mech_Con merchandise tables accept Credit/Debit cards, or cash only?

Both Credit and Debit services will be available.

What types of on-site activities can I expect?

We will have multiple attractions to check out, including:

  • Presentations from Piranha Games, Harebrained Schemes, and Catalyst Game Labs
  • The 2018 MechWarrior Online World Championship Finals
  • Demo and Battle Stations from Piranha Games and Harebrained Schemes
  • Tabletop BattleTech table from Catalyst Game Labs
  • Merchandise tables
  • Autograph and Meet and Greet Sessions
  • Q&A sessions with select developers
  • Prizes and giveaways
  • Meeting and socializing with many other MechWarrior and BattleTech fans, MechWarrior Online Twitch streamers, top-ranked players, and developers!

Who will be there?

Developers from Piranha Games, Harebrained Schemes, and Catalyst Game Labs will be in attendance, along with community members, fans from around the world, and media. We will announce any Special Guests as we get closer to the event.

Can we bring our own games?

Feel free to bring your own BattleTech tabletop games! There will be tables set up where you can play games with a group.

What if I want to cosplay?

You can cosplay for the event if you wish, but please make sure your costume does not violate the venue dress code.

Will there be competitions or contests?

Yes, there will be contests with prizes held on site!

Can I take pictures?

You can take all the pictures and video recordings you want!

Is there an ATM on site?

There will be an ATM on site, however we can't guarantee it will work for all international card types, and ATMs in Canada will charge an additional fee when using a third-party payment method. We recommend bringing some cash with you in case your card is not valid for use.

Will there be Wi-Fi?

Yes. Please note however that speed and quality may be limited or intermittent throughout the day depending on the number of attendees.

Will there be bag or coat checks?

Yes, we will have a secure coat and bag check service on site.

Can I bring a bag?

Definitely! You can keep it with you or store it away at the coat check service.

Will I be on the Live Twitch Stream if I'm at the venue?

Live feeds throughout the Mech_Con space will be used for the official Mech_Con and Tournament live-stream on Twitch! Be prepared to be on camera from photographs to occasionally appearing on the Live Twitch Stream!


If I can't make it, how can I still participate?

For those who cannot make it to Mech_Con, portions of the event can be watched live on our Twitch channel. Unfortunately, the livestream will not be able to show everything that is happening at the show, but the main stage moments will be captured!

Will there be giveaways on the Twitch Stream?

Of course! Just watch for the Twitch Moderators with the green sword icons, they will be shouting out draws for prizes in the Twitch Channel Chat!

What time will the Stream start?

There will be a livestream schedule available closer to the event.

What time will the Stream stop?

There will be a livestream schedule available closer to the event.