Prize Pool 2018


MWO: World Championships 2018 Overview

With our 3rd iteration of organized and ranked competitive play in MechWarrior Online, we have decided to mix up the play style quite a bit. We are theming these changes around the upcoming World Championships as well as the upcoming release of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries.

2017 World Championships Wrap-up

Piranha Games would like to thank all of the competitors from this year’s MWO World Championships 2017! This is only our second year and already the level of competition has improved from last year! Congratulations to EmpyreaL, the number 1 team of the MechWarrior Online World Championships 2017! (Read more Empyreal)

EmpyreaL have become our Champions for the second year running, but the level of playing has clearly gone up a notch! As demonstrated in the final round between EON and Empyreal. Returning from last year's World Championships, EON Synergy showed their great improvement by really challenging all their competitors during qualifiers and especially in the final against EmpyreaL. (Read more EON Synergy)

Mdmzero0, one of our tournament Shout Casters remarked after the final - “EON Synergy was probably the biggest surprise of the tournament to me. I knew they were good, and they had the statistics from the semi-finals to back it up, but they took their play a step further last Saturday.”

While his Shout Cast teammate Bandit B17 talked up the Champions unrivaled dominance –

“EmpyreaL continues to play at an unmatched level. While the skill gap may be slowly closing, two years in a row they have been able to prove that they are the best team that has ever played MechWarrior: Online worldwide.”

We’d also like to congratulate 228th Black Watch for making it to 3rd place in the MechWarrior Online World Championships 2017. The full team of 12 came to Vancouver for the first time! Competing at Mech_Con 2017 against two returning finalist teams 228th Black Watch prevailed to show us true sportsmanship over the entire Finals at Mech_Con 2017. (Read more 228th Black Watch)